Baby Benson-Corinthos
General Hospital
Current status Upcoming
Created by Shelly Altman
Chris Van Etten
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Ethnicity English-American

Baby Benson-Corinthos is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. He or she will be the son or daughter of ELQ CEO Michael Corinthos and Nelle Benson.

Baby Benson-Corinthos is due in the Fall of 2018.


Baby Benson-Corinthos was conceived during his or her parents brief relationship in 2017.

After Michael cuts ties with Nelle and suggests she start over, she announces she's pregnant with his child. She says she took a test the day before and is about six weeks along. Michael wants proof.

Later on, Dr. Kim Nero confirms the pregnancy and that she is six weeks along. They run into Carly afterwards and Nelle gleefully congratulates the expectant grandma. Both Michael and Carly demand a paternity test and Nelle doesn't look happy and makes it clear she doesn't want money. Nelle eventually agrees to a noninvasive paternity test.

On December 22nd, (Christmas on the show), Nelle is seen talking to the baby after finding out Kelly's is closed.

Later on, Nelle showed up at the Corinthos house and fainted in Michael's arms. She comes to on the couch and explains that she was going to get food but nothing was open so she started driving home and came upon a down tree in the road and got out of the car. She states she didn't mean to end up at the Corinthos', but she started walking and felt faint. Sonny brings Nelle some broth to warm her and the baby up.

Michael asks if she's in any pain and Nelle asks if he's worried about the baby even thou he doesn't know if he's the dad yet and Michael says yes. Nelle tells him that they're warming up and they're gonna be just fine. Nelle ends up spending the night at the house.

It was later revealed that Nelle has fainted a lot and it was due to low blood pressure. She was told by a doctor to take it easy.

In 2018, an amniocentesis confirmed that Michael is indeed the father.

On January 22nd, the baby has appeared in a sonogram, which Nelle would later show Michael, after he missed the appointment.

On March 6th, Nelle suffered from Braxton Hicks contractions, while trapped at Jerome Gallery, with Carly during an earthquake.

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