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Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones
Parry Shen and Ryan Carnes as
Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones
General Hospital
Couple nickname Brucas
Marriage/relationship dates 2014 (fling)
Aug 2014 - Jun 2016
Jun 13, 2016 - present
Status Married
Age at wedding or meeting Brad (Unknown)
Lucas (26)
Gender Male, Male
Couple residence Cooper-Jones Apartment
Port Charles, New York

Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones are a fictional couple on the soap opera General Hospital.


The role of Brad was originated by Parry Shen in 2013.

The role of Lucas has been portrayed by Ryan Carnes since 2014.



He is the biological son of mob boss, Julian Jerome and the late, Cheryl Stansbury and the adoptive son of the late, Dr. Tony Jones and Nurse Bobbie Spencer.

They are the first gay couple on GH.

On June 13, 2016, Brad and Lucas were finally married at Julian and Alexis' house.

The couple have never walked The Nurses' Ball red carpet together but were a couple at the ball in 2015 and 2016.

The couple doesn't have an official song yet.



Brad and Lucas met at The Floating Rib and they started to commiserate. They went back to Brad's place and slept together.



Proposal videos

Lucas professed his love for Brad on February 14, 2015. Brad proposed to Lucas at the 2015 Nurses' Ball on May 1-4.

"Lucas Professes His Love For Brad" General Hospital01:57

"Lucas Professes His Love For Brad" General Hospital

05-01-15 Brad Lucas Felix (3 3)05:05

05-01-15 Brad Lucas Felix (3 3)

05-04-15 Lucas & Brad03:23

05-04-15 Lucas & Brad

Wedding video

Brad and Lucas were married at Julian and Alexis' house on June 13, 2016.

GH 06-13-16 Lucas & Brad's Wedding (4 5)04:16

GH 06-13-16 Lucas & Brad's Wedding (4 5)

Brad and Lucas get married on June 13, 2016.

Photo gallery

  • Brad proposes
  • Lucas says yes
  • Brad and Lucas' wedding
  • Vows start
  • Brad says his vows to Lucas
  • Lucas says his vows to Brad
  • Brad puts the ring on Lucas' finger
  • Lucas puts the ring on Brad's finger
  • Wedding kiss
  • Wedding toast

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