Celia Quartermaine
Celia quartermaine
General Hospital
Portrayed by Sherilyn Wolter
Duration 1983-86
First appearance March 17, 1983
Last appearance February 26, 1986
Cause/reason Left town
Created by Anne Howard Bailey
Introduced by Gloria Monty
Ethnicity English-American
Gender Female
Born 1951
Age 67

Celia Quartermaine was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.

She appeared from 1983-1986 played by Sherilyn Wolter.

She was a love interest to Jimmy Lee Holt, second cousin once-removed. She is a distant cousin to Edward Quartermaine, first cousin twice-removed.


Celia was engaged to Grant Putnam who was kidnapped by the DVX and replaced with Andrei, an exact double, in order to infiltrate a top secret government science project.

After Luke Spencer and Robert Scorpio captured the perpetrators and exposed Grant's double, Andrei defected from the DVX; and in exchange the charges against him were dropped. By this time Celia was in love with him, and he changed his name to Grant Andrews.

Then, in 1984, Grant Putnam came back and was very upset that he had been replaced by his exact lookalike. He decided to turn the tables by kidnapping Grant Andrews and assuming his identity unbeknown to Celia.

Slowly his plot unraveled and Robert Scorpio was hot on his trail. Scorpio freed Grant Andrews who reunited with Celia. Grant Putnam was put away in a mental hospital, having gone completely insane.

Celia's relationship with Grant Andrews continued into 1985 until Grant became a little overprotective and Celia turned away.

In a last ditch attempt to win Celia back, Grant tried to steal the Aztec treasure from Sean Donely to impress her but was thwarted when Sean stole it back. A few months later, Celia left Port Charles and returned to her family in New York City.

Family tree


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