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Chloe Morgan
Chloe Morgan
Tava Smiley as Chloe Morgan
General Hospital
Portrayed by Tava Smiley
First appearance April 30, 1999
Last appearance September 4, 2001
Cause/reason Died
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Meg Bennett
Introduced by Wendy Riche
Gender Female
Died September 4, 2001
Port Charles, New York
Cause of death Strangled by Stavros
Occupation Owner of Chloe Morgan Designs

Chloe Morgan was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. She was strangled to death in 2001 at the hands of Stavros Cassadine. He tried to pin the murder on his brother, Stefan Cassadine.


Before life in PC

Chloe Morgan was a successful fashion designer, who happened to be Lila Morgan's cousin. Chloe was given the love letters between Edward and Lila and came to Port Charles to show Lila. Chloe got a long with Lila and her entire distant family.


During her cousin's, AJ, engagement party to Carly Roberts, she meets Jasper Jacks. The two both hit it off and go to the 1999 Nurse's Ball together. At the Nurses' Ball, the ballroom dance act never shows up, so Chloe and Jax stepped in for them and were a hit. Things were going great for Chloe until she got a horrid phone call. The call was from her business manger reminding her that if she was not married in a month she would lose her company. The reason for this was because the money that Chloe had used to start her company had been left to her by her Uncle Herbert. However, one of the stipulations of Herbert's will was that Chloe be married within 5 years of his death in order to keep Chloe Morgan Designs. Therefore Jax, Alexis Davis, and Chloe's other cousin Ned team up to save Chloe's business. Alexis suggests Jax, but Chloe declines because she didn't want to rush things in her relationship with Jax. As a solution, Chloe is forced to fly to Las Vegas and marry her distant cousin, Ned. It is a loveless marriage however, since Ned was already in love with Chloe's friend Alexis. However, when Chloe's aunt shows up and claims that a Las Vegas marriage doesn't qualify as a "real" marriage, Jax and Alexis are forced to marry to cover up the truth. Jax, Alexis, Ned, and Chloe fly out of Las Vegas and head back to Port Charles. Chloe soon starts planing her wedding with Ned at the Quartermaine Mansion. In September 2001, Stavros Cassadine strangles Chloe to death and attempts to pin the murder on his brother, Stefan Cassadine .

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