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Dillon Quartermaine
Dillon Scott
Scott Clifton as Dillon Quartermaine
General Hospital
The City
Portrayed by Kevin and Michael Jacobson (1992)
Jacob Smith (1996)
Scott Clifton (2003-07)
First appearance 1992 (on GH)
Last appearance December 24, 2007 (on GH)
Cause/reason Went back to Los Angeles
Created by Maralyn Thoma
Bill Levinson
Introduced by Wendy Riche (1992, 1996)
Jill Farren Phelps (2003)
Alias(es) Dillon Quartermaine-Hornsby[1]
Nickname(s) Young Spielberg (by Luke)
Gender Male
Born May 27, 1992 (Revised to 1988)
General Hospital
Port Charles, New York
Age 26
Occupation Movie director's assistant
Voting stockholder of ELQ
Residence Japan[2]

Dillon Albert Quartermaine (né Hornsby) is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital, most recently played by actor Scott Clifton. He is the son of Tracy Quartermaine and Paul Hornsby, and the half-brother of Ned Ashton.


Scott Clifton was cast as the teenaged Dillon Quartermaine in April 2003.[4] In May 2007, he chose not to renew his contract in order to pursue other musical and acting opportunities.

He stayed on in a recurring status until his character could be written out of town,[4] and also returned briefly at the end of 2007 so that his character could attend the funerals of Dillon's cousin, Emily Quartermaine, and ex-wife, Georgie Jones.

He received Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Young Actor in 2004, 2005 and 2006 for his role as Dillon.[5]


Dillon is the son of Tracy Quartermaine and her ex-husband Paul Hornsby. He was born prematurely in Port Charles on May 27, 1992. Tracy and Paul divorced soon after and Tracy was involved in a hit-and-run accident. To avoid being persecuted, and to avoid Paul taking custody of Dillon, Tracy took him to Europe. Dillon spent most of his childhood traveling around Europe with his mother. Paul had no involvement in raising Dillon. His Godparents were his brother Ned Ashton and his then wife, Jenny Eckert.



Dillon and Lulu

In 1996, Dillon comes to the SoHo section of Manhattan with Tracy, who eventually marries the now-deceased mafioso, Gino Soleito. In 2003, Tracy dropped a teenage Dillon off at the Quartermaine Mansion and left to go traveling by herself. She left him in the care of her parents Edward and Lila and her older son Ned, who is Dillon's godfather. Dillon soon met Georgie Jones and they began dating. Dillon started to work for mob boss Lorenzo Alcazar as his errand boy, and then "babysitter" for his teenage niece Sage. Tracy came back to town and she and Georgie teamed up to stop Dillon from continuing to work for Lorenzo. Tracy agreed to force Dillon to quit his job if Georgie broke up with him. Georgie was heartbroken, but agreed. Dillon was devastated at losing Georgie, and turned to Sage, with whom he lost his virginity. Georgie walked in on them and was even more devastated. To make Dillon jealous, Georgie pretended to date a guy she called Tom. Dillon, saddened, continued to date Sage. Dillon, Georgie, Sage, and "Tom" were all caught in the Port Charles Hotel fire, where Georgie confessed that she still loved Dillon. Dillon confessed he still loves her too, and they get back together.


Dillon with his mother, Tracy and brother, Ned

In 2006, an encephalitis outbreak spread throughout Port Charles. Dillon fell ill and everyone thought he was dying in the hospital. On his deathbed, Dillon and Georgie decided to get married. Dillon's mother Tracy and Georgie's father Mac reluctantly agreed, and the teenagers were married on Valentine's Day in the hospital chapel. Dillon pulled through however, and survived his illness. After they were married, Tracy cut them off and the couple moved in above Kelly's and worked at the diner. Diego Alcazar came back to town after being released from prison. He moved in next door to Dillon and Georgie and wanted Georgie for himself. Meanwhile, Dillon's step-sister, Lulu, wanted Dillon. Lulu and Diego come up with an idea to break up Dillon and Georgie and take them for themselves. Lulu lied to Dillon about seeing Diego and Georgie together. Dillon confronted Georgie and didn't believe her when she said Lulu was lying. Dillon turned to Lulu and slept with her. Georgie turned to her friend Diego for support. Dillon and Georgie were still in love with each other, but were too hurt to admit it. So, Dillon continued to sleep with Lulu, and Georgie continued to date Diego. They soon divorced. Dillon then overheard Lulu saying that she had lied about Georgie sleeping with Diego and Dillon went to Georgie, wanting her back. She took him back, and they started dating again.


Dillon and Georgie

Soon after, Lulu found out she was pregnant with Dillon's child and he and Georgie broke up again. Dillon wanted her to have the baby and even agreed to raise him or her, but Lulu ended up having an abortion. She felt she would not be a good mother and that it was too complicated since she and Dillon were step-siblings. Dillon was devastated at losing his child. Dillon and Lulu became friends again, and he wanted to start dating her again, but he had competition. Damian Spinelli and Milo Giambetti both wanted her, and then Logan Hayes joined in as well. Dillon's brother Ned came back to Port Charles and told him that he had a job opportunity for him in Los Angeles as a director's assistant. Dillon was excited about the job, but was hesitant to take it because he didn't want to leave Lulu. Lulu, however, told him that she was dating Logan and that she wouldn't chose to be with him. So, Dillon decided to go to LA in 2007.

Dillon returns to town in late November after learning of his cousin, Emily's death. Returning again in December, Lulu reveals to him that Georgie had been murdered by the Text Message Killer. He is devastated by Georgie's death, and flies back to California as soon as her funeral is over. On April 15, 2014 Tracy tells Ned that Dillon will not be coming home for AJ's funeral because he is currently in Japan.

Crimes CommittedEdit

  • Forged a note to get Georgie out of school to go watch movies [May 2003]
  • Obtained a fake ID for Maxie to go clubbing [May 2003]
  • Arrested for stealing A.J.'s car to go for a joyride to mow down parking meters [June *2003]
  • Stole a motorcycle for a joyride [Jun 2003]
  • Pick-pocketed Lorenzo Alcazar [Jul 2003]
  • Arrested for stealing Kyle's motorcycle to run away with Georgie [Jul 2003]
  • Hired by Lorenzo to do smalltime illegal jobs for him [Aug 2003]
  • Attended Stefan Cassadine's funeral disguised as a woman, so that everyone there would believe that the woman was Luke when "she" was actually Dillon [Oct 16, 2003]
  • Attended an illegal auction; was present while Luke was auctioning off the Dead-Man's Hand [Oct 31, 2003]
  • Arrested for assaulting Latin musician Antonio Juarez [Dec 8, 2003]
  • Accused of making a false report to the police about finding a dead body; not guilty [Apr 2004]
  • Helped Skye keep Tracy 'hostage' at the Haunted Star [Apr 28, 2005]
  • Took Georgie Jones, a minor, across state lines [May 18, 2005]
  • Helped hide Jesse Beaudry from the police [Jul 2005]
  • Accused of being the Campus Stalker; not guilty [Sep 2005]
  • Adultery; had an affair with Lulu Spencer while married to Georgie [2006]

Health and VitalsEdit

  • Shot in the arm by Lucky Spencer [Nov 12, 2003]
  • Slight injuries after driving Ned's car into a ditch [Jan 14, 2004]
  • Suffered a bump on the head and passed out after being rear ended [Nov 2005]
  • Suffered a bullet graze to his arm when Manny Ruiz opened fire on him and everyone in the PCPD [Dec 16-19, 2005]
  • Fell ill during the encephalitis plague that hit Port Charles [Feb 3, 2006]
  • Hurt his hand when he punched someone [May 12, 2006]
  • Suffered a bloody nose after being punched by Diego Alcazar [May 23, 2006]

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