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This is a tutorial for basic codes used on wikis.

Symbol Function Example(s) and notes
{{ }} Template {{Wikipedia|Sonny Corinthos}} gives
This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (view authors).
Wiki logo
(it provides the "Wikipedia" template, which shows the page was copied from Wikipedia. Click here for a list of useful templates.)
[[ ]] Link within the wiki [[Sonny Corinthos]] gives Sonny Corinthos (it provides a link to his page on General Hospital Wiki, you can have it display different text by putting | and then the text to appear (e.g. [[Sonny Corinthos|Sonny]] gives Sonny)
[ ] Link outside the wiki [] gives [1] (it gives an external link, you can show different text by putting a space then what you want to appear (e.g. [ Maxie] gives Maxie)
= = Creates new section ==Storylines== gives Wiki tutorial screenshot 1
(for each additional subsection, use an additional = on each end of the section title)
| Separator [[Sonny Corinthos|Sonny]] gives Sonny (it separates what the link is from what you want it to say)
< > A function <small>Sonny</small> gives Sonny (another common function is <br>, which creates a line break)
/ The end of the function <small>Sonny</small> gives Sonny (Shows that the function is over)
<!-- --> The information in the middle won't appear on the page <!--This will not appear--> gives
(it does not show on the page, only the edit page)
'' '' Italics ''Sonny Corinthos'' gives Sonny Corinthos
''' ''' Bold '''Sonny Corinthos''' gives Sonny Corinthos
* Bullet *First creates a bullet (but not in a table like this one.)

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