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The prescription for the residents of Port Charles, New York is the love of power—and the power of love. As their daily lives unfold amidst a backdrop of murder, mob wars and mansions, the towering face of General Hospital is a constant. It's the town's common arena, and links the Quartermaine, Spencer, Webber and Corinthos families together.

This wiki covers anything related to the longest-running American soap opera currently in production and the American Broadcasting Company's sole remaining soap opera, General Hospital, and its related spinoffs: The Young Marrieds, Port Charles and General Hospital: Night Shift.

There are currently 20,453 pages and 551 articles on this wiki since February 2009.

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Patrick-Robin-Sabrina Love Triangle

Robin patrick
When Robin Scorpio returned to town in 2005, she was determined to save the life of her friend and former lover, Jason Morgan. After her drug therapy failed to save him, she went looking for a surgeon to operate. Noah Drake lead her to his son Patrick, who managed to save Jason’s life. When Patrick stayed in Port Charles to work at General Hospital, the two argued constantly. Eventually, they started dating and got closer after Patrick had an HIV scare. Even after Patrick tested negative, the couple grew closer, but eventually broke up when Robin wanted to start a family. After the funeral of Georgie Jones, they had a one night stand that led to Robin getting pregnant. She had originally planned to raise the baby alone, but when Patrick found out that it was his baby and fought his way back into Robin's life, eventually proposing over the loud speaker at General Hospital. Their first attempt to marry was interrupted by the birth of their daughter, Emma Scorpio-Drake. They eventually married on December 26, 2008. Their marriage started out rocky with Robin suffering from post-partum depression and Patrick’s ex-girlfriend Lisa Niles arriving in town and attempting to break them up. Patrick and Robin got through their difficulties, but the effects of Lisa’s terror continued when it was realized that Robin’s HIV meds had stopped working due to Lisa tampering with them. Robin originally planned to go into hiding to avoid her family having to watch her die, but she didn't have to when a doctor in Seattle found a drug protocol that worked. The happiness was short-lived however. Robin then "died" in a lab explosion.

Sabrina patrick
Sabrina Santiago came to General Hospital as a student nurse and had an immediate crush on Dr. Patrick Drake. She decided to not act on her crush, however, when Epiphany Johnson told her that his wife had recently died. New doctor Britt Westbourne, however, did not wait and immediately asked Patrick out. Sabrina began babysitting Emma during their dates, and the two bonded. Emma told Sabrina about the Nurses' Ball and how important it was to her mom. Sabrina decided to try to revive the ball, and Patrick agreed. They worked with Felix, Britt, Elizabeth, and Lucy Coe to bring it back. Eventually, Patrick realized that he didn't want to be with a woman that Emma doesn't like and left Britt. At the Nurse’s ball Patrick realized that Sabrina was the woman that he wanted to be with. Their happiness, however, was short-lived because Britt announced that she was pregnant with Patrick’s baby. They got through this, and Patrick was very upset when he found out that the baby was in fact not his. When Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend Carlos Rivera came to town wanting her back, her relationship with Patrick grew, and Patrick proposed to Sabrina. They said their vows at the wedding ceremony, but before they were pronounced man and wife, Emma saw Robin and the wedding came to a halt. Two women, two histories! Will Patrick go back to his first love, or stay with his new love? Watch GH to find out!

Featured character

Lucas Jones is the adopted son of Bobbie Spencer and the late Tony Jones, and the biological son of Julian Jerome and the late Cheryl Stansbury. Bobbie adopted him at birth, not knowing he had been kidnapped from his birth mother, who thought he had died at birth. When the truth came out, Bobbie lost custody of Lucas to Cheryl, who left town with him. Cheryl died in a car wreck when Lucas was only a couple years old, and Cheryl's sister Tiffany and her husband Sean Donely took custody of him until Cheryl's will revealed that she had actually named Bobbie and Tony as Lucas' guardians. Lucas has had his fair share of troubles in life. He was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes as a child, he was kept from Tony for a period of time after Tony was arrested for kidnapping Michael Corinthos, he was caught in a burning building and saved by Jerry Jacks, he almost died when Helena Cassadine brainwashed his adoptive cousin Lucky Spencer into poisoning him, he came out as gay and was subjected to beatings because of it, and his adoptive father Tony died from encephalitis. Lucas has been living in Seattle for the last several years; but now his biological father, Julian, is back from the dead and starting a mob war in Port Charles. Julian, who has just found out he has a daughter, Sam Morgan, does not know he has a son. Lucas, however, will be returning to Port Charles very soon. How will Lucas take the news that his biological father is alive? How will Julian take the news that he has a son, and how will he react to finding out his son is gay? Will Lucas factor in to the mob war at all? Will the two be able to bond, and how will Lucas get along with his new-found sister Sam? Watch GH and find out!

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