Steve & Audrey Hardy
Steve and Audrey Hardy
General Hospital
Years in PC 1963-present
Current region Port Charles, New York
(Audrey, Elizabeth, Cameron, Jake, Aiden)
Memphis, Tennessee (Steven)
Africa (Tom)
Monterey, California (Sarah)
Asia (Jeff)
Ethnicity American
African American (Tommy)
English (Jake)
Irish (Aiden)
Notable members Steve Hardy, Audrey Hardy, Jeff Webber, Tom Hardy, Steven Webber, Sarah Webber, Elizabeth Webber, Tommy Hardy, Hayden Barnes, Cameron Spencer, Jake Spencer, Aiden Spencer
Connected families Baldwin, Eckert, Jacks, Lansing, Morgan, Quartermaine, Spencer, Taylor, Webber
Hardy House
Audrey at Hardy House.
Estate Information
Address 453 Maple Avenue
Port Charles, New York
Current residents Audrey Hardy

The Hardys are a fictional family on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. The most famous members of the family are Steve and Audrey Hardy.


In the beginning Dr. Steve Hardy worked on the seventh floor of General Hospital. In 1964, Audrey March came to town as a nurse and after falling in love with Steve, they were married a year later. After Audrey miscarried their child, she and Steve divorced. Audrey, in an attempt to prove she was over Steve then married Tom Baldwin. When Tom raped Audrey she became pregnant and after divorcing him she and Steve remarried. Steve later adopted their son who’s name they changed from Tom Baldwin Jr, to Tom Hardy.

It wasn’t until 1976, that Steve became Chief of Staff at General Hospital. Perhaps one of Dr Hardy's biggest achievements was finding a cure to the Lassa Fever epidemic of 1979. During this time, Steve was shocked when a letter by his ex, revealed that Jeff Webber, a doctor who had been recently hired at GH was his son. Jeff was stunned and hurt by the news nevertheless he eventually bonded with Steve. When Jeff discovered he himself had a son, he gave him the namesake Steven Lars Webber in honor of Steve and Jeff's adoptive father. However because Jeff’s unstable wife Heather Webber, he took custody of Steven and left town in 1981. Off-screen, Jeff divorced Heather, married a woman named Carolyn, and had two more daughters, Sarah Webber and Elizabeth Webber.

In 1987, Tom Hardy returned to Port Charles after graduating medical school. He met and married Simone Ravelle, an African-American pediatrician, the two were the first interracial couple on a soap opera. After Simone gave birth to their son, Tommy Hardy, Tom left town to work on the relief effort in Africa. Simone attempted to be faithful but eventually moved on from her husband after three years. When Tom returned wanting Simone and Tommy to join him in Africa, they divorced.

In 1996, Steve passed away in his office, leaving Audrey, a widow. This hit the Hardy’s hard, as they all struggled to carry on without Steve. Not long after Steve's death Tom returned to Africa; alone. Simone later took Tommy and also left town after realizing her son would never approve of her new suitor.

In 1997, Jeff and his new wife traveled to Sarajevo to help in the war effort. He then sent his teenage daughters Sarah and Elizabeth to live with their 'grandmother' Audrey. Sarah became a doctor and has left and returned to town on two separate occasions. She is now said to be living in California, while Elizabeth took up nursing and was primarily raised by Audrey in Port Charles.

In 2004, Steven returned to town as a doctor at General Hospital. He shortly left town to run a trauma unit in Memphis, Tennessee, before returning again as Chief of Staff in 2010. Steven was especially proud to be following in his grandfather’s footsteps. In 2013, Steven was sentenced to prison, after it was discovered he mercifully murdered one of his suffering patients while working in Memphis.

Elizabeth has taken roots in Port Charles, she fell in love, married Lucky Spencer and has three children, Cameron and Jake Spencer, both of whom Lucky adopted and Aiden Spencer her biological son with Lucky.

In 2016, it was revealed that after Jeff left Port Charles and remarried he had an affair with Naomi Dreyfus, which led to the birth of his youngest daughter, Hayden Barnes.

Today, Jeff has been said to be living with his wife in Asia. Audrey still residents in Port Charles and is often mentioned babysitting her great-grandchildren Cameron, Jake and Aiden, while Elizabeth currently works at GH.

Hardy family tree


1. Lyle Hardy (deceased)
   Bernice Hardy (deceased)
   2. Steve Hardy (died 1996)
      Helene Webber (deceased)
      3. Jeff Webber
         Heather Grant (1957-present)
         4. Steven Webber (1973-present)
         4. Unnamed child (1978; miscarriage)
         Carolyn Webber 
         4. Sarah Webber (1980-present)
         4. Elizabeth Webber (1981-present)
            Ric Lansing (1974-present)
            5. Unnamed child (2003; miscarriage)
            Zander Smith (died 2004)
            5. Cameron Spencer (2004-present) 
            Jasper Jacks
            5. Unnamed child (2006; miscarriage) (as surrogate; donated egg)
            Jason Morgan (1974-present)
            5. Jake Spencer (2007-present)
            Lucky Spencer (1979-present)
            5. Aiden Spencer (2010-present)
         Naomi Dreyfus
         4. Hayden Barnes (1984-present)
      Audrey March
      3. Tom Hardy (1969-present) (adopted by Steve)
         Simone Ravelle
         4. Unnamed child (1988; miscarriage)
         4. Tommy Hardy (1989-present)


Dashed line denotes an adopted child
Naomi Dreyfus

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