Peter August
General Hospital
Portrayed by Wes Ramsey
Current status Recurring
First appearance November 14, 2017
Occupation COO of Aurora Media

Peter August is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.


On October 26, 2017, TVLine and Soap Opera Digest confirmed that Wes Ramsey would be joining the cast as Peter August, debuting on November 14.[1][2]

He is known for his roles on Guiding Light as Sam Spencer and on Days of Our Lives as Owen Kent.[3]


On November 14, 2017, Peter August first appeared when he arrived at The Metro Court Hotel in Port Charles, New York; for a job interview for a corporate position, meeting Andrew "Drew" Cain; who along with Sam Morgan, had purchased Derek Wells Media [formerly one of the front companies for The Jerome Crime Family], which was previously owned by Julian Jerome; and had re-named it Aurora Media; in the hopes of making the company totally legitimate and crime-free.

On November 29, 2017 Sam Morgan revealed in a press conference to formally and publicly launch the company, that Peter August is the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Aurora Media.[4] Peter soon quickly begins impressing Drew and Sam, by working alongside not only them both, but with Nina Reeves; who Sam kept in charge of Crimson Publications, which remained the top division of Aurora Media, and worked with her and Maxie Jones in covering popular news bulletins and national events to gain high revenue and corporate influence for Crimson. As the COO of Aurora, Peter is also one of Nina's bosses'.

He later also meets and interviews Lulu Falconeri for a job at Aurora the week after, from whereupon Lulu joins the company as a tabloid reporter and journalist. For the rest of 2017, Peter comes to highly respect his new employers' and colleagues'; forging a partnership with Sam and Nina, while gaining the respect of Drew and also harboring a friendship with Lulu, Maxie, and Nathan West. In mid December of 2017, Lulu conducts an interview with Nathan, after the latter discovers that the infamous criminal mastermind Cesar Faison is his biological father. Nathan, who was shocked at this revelation, begins working alongside Dante Falconeri and then seeks the help of Lulu and Crimson to lure Faison out of hiding, so that the PCPD can capture him and incarcerate him for good. Lulu then calls upon Peter and Nina to aid Nathan in using Crimson's influence to expose Faison to the Internet; but Maxie panics after she becomes pregnant with Nathan's child, though Nathan is determined to find Faison nonetheless. In addition, the interview soon ends up garnering the attention of Sonny Corinthos, Jason Morgan, and Anna Devane.


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