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Edward & Lila Quartermaine
Edward and Lila Quartermaine
General Hospital
Years in PC 1977-present
Current region Port Charles, New York
(Tracy, Dillon, Jason, Ned, Michael, Jake, Danny)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(Faith, Maya)
Pautuck, New York (Jimmy Lee)
Ethnicity Caucasian American
African American
(Bradley, Justus, Faith, Maya)
(Alan, Tracy, A.J., Jason, Ned, Dillon, Michael, Jake, Danny, Brook Lynn)
Hispanic (Lila Rae)
Italian (Brook Lynn)
Greek (Danny)
Russian (Danny)
Swedish (Danny)
Irish (Michael)
Notable members Edward Quartermaine, Lila Quartermaine, Alan Quartermaine, Monica Quartermaine, Tracy Quartermaine, Justus Ward, Skye Chandler-Quartermaine, A.J. Quartermaine, Jason Morgan, Emily Bowen-Quartermaine, Ned Ashton, Dillon Quartermaine, Maya Ward, Lila Rae Alcazar, Michael Quartermaine, Jake Spencer, Danny Morgan, Brook Lynn Ashton
Connected families Alcazar, Baldwin, Barrett, Barrington, Cassadine, Cerullo, Chandler, Corinthos, Eckert, Hardy, Jacks, Jerome, Jones, Lord, Manning, McCall, Morgan, Scorpio, Spencer, Ward, Webber, Zacchara
Known for ELQ Enterprises, family fights, Eating pizza and singing We Gather Together on Thanksgiving
Quartermaine Mansion
Alan introduces Monica to their home.
Estate Information
Purchased 1978
Address 66 Harbor View Road
Port Charles, New York
Current residents Monica Quartermaine, Tracy Quartermaine, Dillon Quartermaine, Michael Quartermaine, Danny Morgan, Alice Gunderson

The Quartermaine family is a very wealthy and prestigious fictional family on the American soap opera General Hospital. The Quartermaines have been a staple on General Hospital since their introduction in the late 1970s.


  • Edward Quartermaine (September 2, 1918 - November 20, 2012)
  • Lila Morgan Quartermaine (April 29, 1918 - July 14, 2004)

Edward Louis Quartermaine was the patriarch of the family until his death in 2012, and his wife Lila Morgan Quartermaine was the matriarch until her death in 2004.

The family came to Port Charles in 1978 when their son Alan decided to stay at General Hospital as a physician and bought what is now known as the Quartermaine Mansion for his new wife Monica as a wedding present. She has ever since drilled it into everyone's head whenever the opportunity presents itself that she is the owner of the house, which is usually followed by a reiteration that Alan gave it to her.

Edward is the son of George and Ida Quartermaine, and the grandson of Edgar and Martha Quartermaine. Lila is the daughter of Harold Morgan. They have two children together: son Alan, who died in 2007; and daughter Tracy. Edward also has a son with mistress Beatrice LeSeur, Jimmy Lee Holt. In 1994, it was revealed that Edward also has a son, Bradley Ward, with his mistress from World War II, Mary Mae Ward. Bradley died in 1974.

Tracy named her son Edward after his grandfather, and Jason Morgan and his wife Sam named their son Daniel Edward after his great-grandfather. Also, Skye Chandler-Quartermaine named her daughter Lila after her great-grandmother, and Sam named her daughter Lila after Lila Morgan Quartermaine as well.

The Quartermaines are an eccentric and dysfunctional family, known for their comedic fights. Whenever the Quartermaine mansion was filled with Q's, undoubtedly bickering would soon follow. The rivalry between Monica and Tracy was often a source of conflict within the household. Tracy's jealously over Edward deeming Alan his favorite child, was another source of conflict.

The family owned business, ELQ International, named for, Edward Louis Quartermaine, has also been the center of several conflicts within the family. Corporate take-overs staged between members of the family vying for control of ELQ, has often left the Quartermaines with divided loyalties. The latest battle for ELQ emerged between Tracy and Alan's son, A.J. Quartermaine after Edward's passing in 2012.

Aside from being successful business people, the Quartermaine family is also known for their work at General Hospital. Several family members have become successful doctors, others sit on the GH board of directors, and the family has made several sizable monetary donations to contribute to the growth of the hospital.

Thanksgiving has always been a special holiday to the Quartermaine family. Each year, they annually attempt to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, only for it to somehow become ruined, resulting in them ordering pizza. Over the years ordering pizza for Thanksgiving became a family tradition, along with singing We Gather Together before eating their meal. In 2012, Edward passed away shortly before Thanksgiving, and the Quartermaines came together on the holiday to honor him.

Edward's descendants

The Rev. Dr. Bradley Ward
(1945 - July 1, 1974)

Main article: Bradley Ward

Bradley was married to Isobel Ward at the time of his death in 1974. The couple had two children: son Justus, who died in 2006; and daughter Faith. It was also revealed in 1994 that Bradley had had an affair with Kylie Quinlan, the daughter of a prominent judge. Kylie had gotten pregnant with Bradley's child, but miscarried shortly before his death.

Dr. Alan James Quartermaine, MD
(February 23, 1948 - February 26, 2007)

Main article: Alan Quartermaine

Alan married Monica Bard and had a son, Alan Jr. (A.J.). A.J. died in 2014. Monica already had a long-lost daughter, Dawn Winthrop, who is now deceased, from a previous relationship with David Langton. During his marriage to Monica, Alan had an affair with Susan Moore and had a son with her, Jason. After Susan's death, and after Alan got custody of Jason, Monica adopted him. In 1995, while Monica was going through cancer treatments, she met Paige Bowen, who had a daughter named Emily. Paige and Monica became good friends, and when Paige died, Alan and Monica adopted Emily. Emily died in 2007. In 2009, Rebecca Shaw came to town, and it was revealed that she was Emily's identical twin sister, who had been given up for adoption at birth. Edward took a liking to her, and he became her surrogate grandfather. In 2001, Skye Chandler came to Port Charles looking for her biological father. She believed Alan was her father, but it was revealed that he was not. Alan later adopted the adult Skye. In 2007, Alan suffered multiple heart attacks while being held hostage by Jerry Jacks in the Metro Court Hotel. He later died at General Hospital.

Tracy Angelica Quartermaine
(born circa April 6, 1949)

Main article: Tracy Quartermaine

Tracy was divorced from Larry Ashton and had a son, Ned, when she arrived in Port Charles. She later married Paul Hornsby and had a son, Dillon. In 2006, it was revealed that Tracy had had an abortion when she was younger. The father was not mentioned.

Jimmy Lee Holt

Main article: Jimmy Lee Holt

Jimmy Lee, born Eric Quartermaine, is married to Charity Gatlin. Charity has a son named Jonah.

Bradley's children
Justus Ward
(June 17, 1962 - June 16, 2006)

Main article: Justus Ward

Justus came to town in 1994 when his father's body was discovered. He and new friend Luke Spencer started investigating his father's murder. When it came out in court that Edward Quartermaine was Bradley's father, Justus was reluctant to get to know his new-found family. Over time, though, he got closer to them. Justus went to work for his cousin Jason Morgan, who is a mobster. He was shot and killed by Manny Ruiz, a mob rival, in 2006.

Faith Ward
(born 1969)

Main article: Faith Ward

Faith came to Port Charles briefly in 1994 for her father's memorial service. In 1996, Edward went to Philadelphia to see Mary Mae's concert and he tried to connect with Faith, but she didn't want to have anything to do with him. She has a daughter named Maya.

Alan's children
Skye Chandler-Quartermaine

Main article: Skye Chandler-Quartermaine

Skye, born Antoinette Patterson Chandler, is the daughter of Rae Cummings and the adopted daughter of Alan Quartermaine. Skye dated Lorenzo Alcazar and had a daughter with him, Lila Rae, named for Skye's adoptive grandmother Lila, and her mother Rae. Skye wanted to keep her daughter safe from Lorenzo's mob life, so she agreed to help Jason kill him. She let Jason know when Lorenzo was home, and then she let him into his house. While Skye was upstairs with Lila Rae, Jason shot and killed Lorenzo downstairs.

Alan James "A.J." Quartermaine, Jr.
(born November 18, 1972 - March 31, 2014)

Main article: A.J. Quartermaine 

A.J. was born to Monica and Alan, though he was originally thought to be the son of Rick Webber, his mother's lover. A.J. grew up close to his brother, Jason, but after Jason started becoming the favorite, A.J. resented him and became an alcoholic to deal with his family's rejection. He had a one-night stand with Carly Benson, and was too drunk to remember it. This resulted in their son, Michael. Carly lied and said that Michael was actually Jason's son. When Michael was born, Carly left him in Jason's care. After Carly came back to town and Michael's true paternity was revealed, A.J. and Carly married and shared custody of Michael with Jason. Carly then began having an affair with Sonny Corinthos and became pregnant with his child. In a fight with A.J., Carly fell down the stairs at the Quartermaine Mansion and miscarried the baby. The two then divorced and Carly later married Sonny. Sonny later forced A.J. to give up parental rights of Michael, so that he could adopt him. Ever since, A.J. has tried to regain a relationship with his son. A.J. died on March 31, 2014 of complications after Sonny shot him in the chest at point blank range.

Jason Morgan
(born September 14, 1974)

Main article: Jason Morgan

Jason, born Jason Moore and raised Jason Quartermaine, is the son of Alan and his mistress, Susan Moore and the golden boy of the Quartermaine family while he was growing up. He was going to become a doctor like his father and adoptive mother. After attempting to stop A.J. from driving drunk, they were involved in a car accident. Jason suffered permanent brain damage and memory loss. He moved out of the Quartermaine Mansion and changed his last name to Morgan, to honor his grandmother Lila. He met Sonny Corinthos and began working for him in his mob. He cared for his nephew Michael while Michael's mother, Carly, recovered from postpartum depression. He later married Courtney Matthews who became pregnant, but suffered a miscarriage. In 2004, Jason agreed to say he was the father of Sam McCall's unborn child to protect Sonny's marriage to Carly. Sam's baby Lila, named for Jason's grandmother, was stillborn. In 2007, Jason's son with Elizabeth Webber, Jake, was born as the result of a one-night stand while she was married to Lucky Spencer. Jake was raised by Lucky, but was presumed dead from 2011-15 after he was hit by a car. On July 9, 2015, it was revealed that he is alive. Jason married Sam in late 2011, and she gave birth to their son Danny in June of 2012. Jason was shot by Cesar Faison on October 22, 2012, kicked into the harbor, and presumed dead. Two years later he is revealed to be alive and held captive by Victor Cassadine. Jason and Sam remarried in 2016 and are expecting their second child.

Dr. Emily Bowen-Quartermaine, MD
(January 17, 1984 - November 1, 2007)

Main article: Emily Bowen-Quartermaine

Emily, born Emily Bowen, came to live with the Quartermaines when she was a young teenager. Emily had been friends with Nikolas Cassadine since he arrived in town, and then they began to date. The two finally married, then later divorced. While she was with Nikolas, she became stepmother to his son with Courtney Matthews, Spencer. At the time of her death, Emily and Nikolas were once again engaged to be married. She was strangled to death by Diego Alcazar on November 1, 2007.

Tracy's children
Edward Lawrence Quartermaine "Ned" Ashton

Main article: Ned Ashton

The son of Lawrence Ashton and Tracy Quartermaine. When Ned met Lois Cerullo, a band manager, he was going by the name Eddie Maine. He began living a double life, as Eddie Maine, who was dating Lois; and as Ned Ashton, who was with Katherine Bell. He married both Lois and Katherine. He was legally married to Lois, and his marriage to Katherine was invalid. Lois found out about Katherine and divorced Ned. He then left Katherine and Lois eventually forgave him. Lois and Ned were then remarried and had a daughter, Brook Lynn, then later divorced again. Ned then married distant cousin Chloe Morgan. He married her because of a stipulation in her uncle's will, but he was actually in love with Alexis Davis. Alexis, however, had married Jasper Jacks, and Chloe was in love with him. So, the two couples pretended to be happily married to their respective spouses, but all the while they secretly were with the ones they truly loved. Both couples later divorced. Alexis became pregnant from a one-night stand with Sonny Corinthos. When her daughter Kristina was born, Ned said that he was her father to protect her from Sonny's mob life. Kristina's true paternity later came out.

Dillon Albert Quartermaine
(born May 27, 1988)

Main article: Dillon Quartermaine

Dillon, born Dillon Albert Hornsby to Paul Hornsby and Tracy Quartermaine, was dating Georgie Jones when he came down with the encephalitis virus during the outbreak in 2006. Believing that he was dying, Dillon and Georgie wanted to get married. They convinced their parents to allow it, since they were underage, and they were married on Valentine's Day. Dillon ended up pulling through and surviving. He later started an adulterous affair with his step-sister Lulu Spencer. Georgie divorced Dillon; then Lulu found out she was pregnant, and Lulu ultimately had an abortion.

Faith's child
Dr. Maya Ward, MD

Main article: Maya Ward

Maya came to Port Charles in 2010 to do her medical internship at General Hospital. She moved into the Quartermaine Mansion and later married Tracy's step-son Ethan Lovett, albeit due to a drunken mix-up in Las Vegas. Maya and Ethan agreed to stay married for one year so that Edward would pay them one million dollars. However, Maya went back to Philadelphia and when Ethan went to visit her, he found her in bed with another man, ending their short marriage. Maya decided to not go back to Port Charles.

Skye's child
Lila Rae Alcazar
(born October 24, 2006)

Main article: Lila Rae Alcazar

Lila Rae, born Lila Rae Quartermaine, is the daughter of Skye Chandler-Quartermaine and Lorenzo Alcázar. When Lila Rae was small, Skye took her and moved to London to live with Skye's mother, Rae Cummings. Skye and Lila Rae returned to Port Charles in November 2012 for Edward's funeral.

A.J.'s child
Michael Alan Quartermaine
(born circa December 26, 1989)

Main article: Michael Quartermaine

Michael, born Michael Morgan and formerly Michael Corinthos III, was adopted when he was very small by his step-father Sonny Corinthos, but he found out as a child that he was biologically the son of A.J. Quartermaine. He has always been close to his biological uncle, Jason Morgan, ever since birth. Michael has, on occasion, lived at the Quartermaine Mansion with his biological family. After he woke up from a coma and was having a rough time, he went to live with them; and he hid out at the Quartermaine boat house in 2010 when he was wanted for murdering his step-mother Claudia Zacchara. He has also joined them on occasion for family gatherings, including his great-aunt Tracy's wedding to Luke in December 2010 and Thanksgiving in November 2011. After discovering Sonny shot and killed A.J. and his mother cover up the crime, Michael disowns Sonny and Carly and renamed himself "Michael Quartermaine".

Jason's children
Jacob Martin "Jake" Spencer
(born May 4, 2007)

Main article: Jake Spencer

Jake is the biological son of Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber, but few people knew that Lucky Spencer was not his biological father. Jason had almost no contact with his son, and Jake was unaware that Jason was his father, as were the Quartermaine family. Jake lived most of the time with his mother and half-brothers Cameron and Aiden, and spent time with Lucky too, as he and Elizabeth shared custody of him and Cameron. In March 2011, Jake was hit by a car later revealed to have been driven by Luke Spencer. In the hit and run accident, Jake suffered severe head trauma and could not be saved through emergency surgery. He was taken off life support and one of his kidneys was donated to Josslyn Jacks, who was very ill and dying from kidney cancer. The transplant saved Josslyn's life. On July 9, 2015, it was revealed that Jake is alive and living on Cassadine Island with Helena Cassadine.

Daniel Edward "Danny" Morgan
(born June 1, 2012)

Main article: Danny Morgan

Danny is the son of Jason Morgan and Sam McCall, though he was originally believed to be Franco's son. Danny was switched shortly after birth with Victor Lord III, the deceased newborn of Téa Delgado, and lived in Llanview, Pennsylvania with Téa. The baby switch was revealed four months later and Danny was returned to Jason and Sam. After Jason's presumed death, Danny is being raised by Sam as a single mother. Upon Jason's return, he and Sam now have shared custody and are raising Danny together as a family.

Ned's child
Brook Lynn Ashton
(born October 24, 1988)

Main article: Brook Lynn Ashton

Brook Lynn is a professional singer and left town to pursue her music career. She is somewhat close to her grandmother Tracy, as she was the one who convinced Tracy to remarry Luke when it was revealed that their marriage was invalid. She is also friendly with her second cousin Maya, who also happens to be her former step-aunt by marriage.

Quartermaine family tree


1. Edgar Quartermaine (deceased) 
   Martha Quartermaine (deceased)
   2. George Quartermaine (deceased)
      Ida Zemlock (deceased)
      3. Edward Quartermaine (1918-2012)
         Mary Mae Courtnee (1926-1996)
         4. Bradley Ward (1943-1974)
            Isobel Ward
            5. Justus Ward (1962-2006)
            5. Faith Ward (1969-present)
               Unknown male
               6. Maya Ward (1987-present)
            Kylie Quinlan
            5. Unnamed child (1974; miscarriage)
         Lila Morgan (1918-2004)
         4. Alan Quartermaine (1945-2007)
            Rae Cummings
            5. Skye Chandler-Quartermaine (1967-present) (adopted by Alan)
               Lorenzo Alcazar (died 2007)
               6. Lila Rae Alcazar (2006-present)
            Monica Bard (1946-present)
            5. A.J. Quartermaine (1972-2014)
               Carly Benson (1972-present)
               6. Michael Quartermaine (1992-present)
            Susan Moore (1949-1983) 
            5. Jason Morgan (1974-present) 
               Courtney Matthews (1982-2006)
               6. Unnamed child (2003; miscarriage)
               Elizabeth Webber (1981-present)
               6. Jake Spencer (2007-present)
               Sam McCall (1980-present)
               6. Danny Morgan (2012-present)
            Monica Bard (1946-present)
            5. Emily Quartermaine (1984-2007) (adopted)  
         4. Tracy Quartermaine (1949-present)
            Unknown male
            5. Unnamed child (abortion)
            Larry Ashton 
            5. Ned Ashton
               Lois Cerullo
               6. Brook Lynn Ashton (1988-present)  
            Paul Hornsby 
            5. Dillon Quartermaine (1988-present)
               Lulu Spencer (1988-present)
               6. Unnamed child (2006; abortion)
         Beatrice LeSeur (deceased)         
         4. Jimmy Lee Holt (c1953-present)
      3. Unknown male Quartermaine
         Unknown female
         4. Alexandria Quartermaine (died 1981)
   2. Unknown male Quartermaine 
      Unknown female
      3. Herbert Quartermaine (died 1987)
         Unknown female
         4. Quentin Quartermaine (deceased)
            Betsy Quartermaine
            5. Celia Quartermaine (c1951-present)


Dashed line denotes an adopted child
Mary Mae
Jimmy Lee
Lila Rae
Brook Lynn

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