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Agent Robert Scorpio
Tristan Rogers as Agent Robert Scorpio
General Hospital
Portrayed by Tristan Rogers
Duration 1980-92, 1995, 2006, 2008, 2012, 2013-14
First appearance December 1980 (on GH)
Last appearance January 30, 2014
Cause/reason Left to help Holly and Ethan
Created by Gloria Monty
Pat Falken Smith
Margaret DePriest
Introduced by Gloria Monty (1980)
Wendy Riche (1995)
Jill Farren Phelps (2006)
Lisa de Cazotte (2008, NS)
Frank Valentini (2012)
Book appearances Robin's Diary
Spin-off appearances GH: Night Shift
Alias(es) Mr. McKenna[1]
Nickname(s) Sonny (by Brighton O'Reilly)
Gender Male
Born September 15
Occupation Spy
WSB agent
MRA containment specialist
Residence Wisconsin

Agent Robert Xavier Scorpio is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital, played by actor Tristan Rogers.


Rogers originally played the role from December 1980 through June 1992, the popularity and longevity of the character coming as a result of his involvement with the monumentally popular "supercouple" Luke and Laura, whose 1981 wedding brought in 30 million viewers and remains the highest-rated hour in American soap opera history.[2][3]

While Rogers' Scorpio had been "killed with no body found" when he left the series in 1992, Rogers returned briefly in 1995 as Scorpio's spirit to comfort the character's daughter Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough), who is dealing with the loss of her boyfriend to AIDS-related illness and is herself HIV-positive.[4]

He returned again in January 2006 for six weeks, this time with Scorpio being very much alive. Rogers reappeared in April 2006 and left again that November.

From August 5, 2008 through October 21, 2008, Rogers reprised the role of Robert Scorpio on the second season of SOAPnet's General Hospital: Night Shift, a prime time spin-off of General Hospital which stars Scorpio's daughter Robin.[5][6]

He was featured in 12 of the season's 14 episodes, and Soap Opera Digest named the appearance their "Best Return" of 2008.[7]

Rogers later reappeared on General Hospital for four episodes starting December 22, 2008 as Scorpio attends Robin's wedding.[8][9]

In March 2012, he reappeared after the death of his daughter Robin. He left after only a few days, but returned in November of that year at the request of Luke to help prove the back-from-the-dead Duke Lavery a fraud.



Robert and Robin

Robert, an Australian, has a heroic past. He was involved in many adventures with his good friend Luke Spencer and his wife Holly Sutton. He has been an international spy for the WSB spy agency, served as police commissioner of Port Charles from January 24, 1983 until early December 1985, was acting WSB Drector in the Spring and Summer of 1987, then served again as PCPD Commissioner from January 1988 until early February, 1992 when he supposedly perished in an explosion in South America. When he resigned as police commissioner in 1985 he moved to Australia with his wife Holly to start anew.


Robert and Holly.

He had a bad relationship with his brother Mac Scorpio when he first came to town because he blamed Mac for the death of their parents. Eventually the brothers patched up their relationship. Robert was presumed dead along with his wife, Anna Devane, in 1992. Their teenage daughter Robin Scorpio was left behind to be raised by Robert's brother Mac Scorpio. Anna Devane reappeared in 2001, but told her family that Robert was dead. However, Robert resurfaced in 2006, when Port Charles was stricken with a deadly strain of encephalitis. It came out that he was forced by the WSB to be incognito for 15 years as the only way to keep his families alive; he had no choice but to let them think he was dead. His daughter is having a difficult time forgiving him for his absence.


Robert and Anna.

Robert Scorpio and Holly Sutton married under strange circumstances. Holly was pregnant with the presumed dead Luke Spencer's baby and was about to be deported so Robert stepped in and married her. She ended up miscarrying the baby but she and Robert eventually fell in love. Robert married Anna Devane when the two were on assignment for the WSB in Italy. The two were married in secret before either character showed up in Port Charles. After Holly "died", Anna and Robert remarried in 1991. When the evil Cesar Faison kidnapped Anna, Robert left Port Charles for South America to rescue her.


Robert walks Robin down the aisle.

Both Robert and Anna turned up alive in Port Charles in 2006 much to the surprise of their daughter, Robin.During his return in 2006, Robert told Robin that he was in the South Pacific trying to track a lethal dose of encephalitis. He said that he quarantined a village and torched it but two potential carriers slipped through the net: one was a chimp, and another was Luke Spencer.

When Anna returned in the summer of 2007, she explained that Robert was deep undercover on a mission to recover black market alien remains. Later, at the end of the summer both Anna and Robert were assigned on a mission in the Amazon.


Robert meets his granddaughter, Emma

In 2008, Robert returned to walk his daughter Robin down the aisle at her wedding to Patrick Drake. While in town, he also met his new granddaughter, Emma Scorpio-Drake.

Night Shift
Robert Scorpio returned to General Hospital when his plane crashed near Port Charles. Jagger Cates rescued him and brought him to General Hospital where it was revealed that he has a brain tumor. During an MRI, Patrick Drake told Robert that the brain tumor was the result of another tumor. Sadly, Robert learned that he has colon cancer and has fallen into a coma. He came out of the coma October 14, 2008 after being confronted by Luke, Sean, Tiffany and his family when he was in the coma.

In March of 2012, Robert returns to Port Charles after Anna tracks him down because their daughter Robin tragically died in a lab explosion at General Hospital. Robert arrives not knowing why he has been summoned. He bonds with his granddaughter Emma, giving her mother and baby stuffed koalas. Anna then tells him about their daughter's death. He insists on seeing her body, even after Anna tells him she was burned beyond recognition. Robert goes to the hospital morgue and views her body.


Robert finds Robin and attempts to free her.

He then takes off and Anna later gets a text from him saying goodbye. Luke finds Robert standing on the ledge of the bridge where Robin and Stone used to go, ready to jump to his death. Luke tries to talk Robert down and gets on the ledge with him, saying that he deserves to die too for killing a child. Luke tells him about Jake's death and how he was responsible. Luke finally is able to get Robert down after telling him that Ethan Lovett is his son, not Luke's. Luke tells him this lie because he feels it is the only way to get him down. Luke tells Robert that Ethan has taken off and Helena Cassadine is after him so that Robert will feel that his life has purpose and take off to save him. Robert then leaves town to find Ethan, and Holly goes with him, to keep up the ruse that Ethan is Robert's son.


Robert is reunited with his daughter, Robin.

In November-December 2012, Robert returns to Port Charles after Luke reveals the truth about Ethan's paternity.  Robert realizes there is something wrong with Duke Lavery after Luke contacts him about the situation.  Robert helps Anna realized that the man that she was falling back in love with was not Duke and was actually their arch-enemy Cesar Faison.  Robert then accompanies Anna to the mental institution that Cesar Faison has connections to.  Anna and Robert find the real Duke.  Anna stays behind while Robert heads outside of the room.  Robert hears screams and finds Robin but Faison's partner in Liesl Obrecht then injects Robert with a lethal dose of a chemical.  He is currently in a coma clinging to life.

On October 4, Robert wakes up from the coma. Mac and Anna go see him and they are very happy that he is awake. He can't remember what happen right before he was injected. He goes over it in his head and finally remembers that he saw Robin alive and tells Anna. Robert is finally reunited with his daughter on 11/25.

At the end of January in 2014, Robert left town to help Holly and Ethan.

On August 27, Anna says that Robert is investigating what happened to Maxie and Lulu from Wisconsin.

Crimes CommittedEdit

  • Breaking and entering; he and Anna broke into the Cassadine Mansion looking for Robin Scorpio-Drake [Oct 21, 2013]
  • Was about to shoot Liesl Obrecht until Anna stopped him [Oct 21, 2013]
  • Knocked out Liesl Obrecht by hitting her over the head with a gun [Oct 21, 2013]
  • Hit one of the Cassadine guards with a metal tray, rendering him unconscious [Nov 13, 2013]
  • Shot Jerry Jacks in the leg [Nov 13, 2013]
  • Held Jerry Jacks at gunpoint, demanding to know where Robin and Duke were [Nov 13, 2013]
  • Held Jerry Jacks prisoner in a hotel suite at the Metro Court Hotel [Nov-Dec 2013]
  • Pointed a gun at Cesar Faison as he and Anna threatened to kill him [Dec 2013]
  • Responsible for the mysterious disappearance of Cesar Faison along with Anna [Dec 2013]
  • Keeping whatever he and Anna did to Cesar Faison a secret [Dec 2013-present]

Health & VitalsEdit

  • Gunshot wound as a result of a hostage situation at General Hospital [1984]
  • Hospitalized after a bomb was thrown through his office window while he was at his desk; suffered multiple contusions and a concussion that resulted in him being in a coma and almost dying from his injuries
  • Shot at by a hit man named Rory in the Finger Lakes area of New York; saved by his brother Mac, who donated blood for a transfusion he needed at a clinic in town
  • Believed to be killed in the same explosion as Anna
  • Stabbed in the chest with a used syringe by Liesl Obrecht who injected him with a potentially-fatal virus [2012]
  • Had to be treated right there at the Swiss clinic after Liesl Obrecht injected him with a potentially-fatal dose of propofol [2012]
  • In a year-long coma [2012-Oct 2013]
  • Couldn't walk without the use of a cane [Oct 2013]
  • Insisted on traveling with Anna to the Cassadine Island mansion despite his maladies [Oct 17, 2013]
  • Held hostage in Robin's lab and locked there with Anna by Jerry Jacks [Oct 22, 2013-Nov 13, 2013]

Positions heldEdit

Predecessor Chief of Police or Police Commissioner Successor
Anna Devane
Guy Lewis

Robert Scorpio

Anna Devane
(1990; acting)

Guy Lewis
(1991; acting)
Sean Donely
unknown Commissioner
Robert Scorpio
Anna Devane
Burt Ramsey

Family treeEdit


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