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Dr. Ryan Chamberlain
General Hospital
Portrayed by Jon Lindstrom
Current status Recurring
Duration 1992-95, 2018-present
First appearance June 20, 1992
Created by Maralyn Thoma
Bill Levinson
Introduced by Wendy Riche
Book appearances Robin's Diary
Spin-off appearances Port Charles
Alias(es) Todd Wilson
Kevin Collins
Gender Male
Born August 23
Occupation Pediatrician
Serial Killer
Title Doctor
Residence Collins House
Port Charles, New York

Dr. Ryan Chamberlain, MD was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He is the identical twin of Dr. Kevin Collins.


He was portrayed by Jon Lindstrom from 1992 until 1995, who also played Chamberlain's identical twin brother, Kevin Collins.

Lindstrom returned to play Chamberlain after he was revealed to be alive in 2018.


Ryan Chamberlain was a pediatrician at General Hospital, but it is revealed that he has been hiding his mentally unstable behaviour for some time.

Felicia Jones, while living in Texas, knew him as "Todd Wilson" and saw him murder his wife Gloria.

She had amnesia when she got back to Port Charles and didn't remember knowing Ryan/Todd.

He becomes obsessed with Felicia, who gets her memory back and is arrested for attempted murder after he traps her in a cabin and she attacks him in self-defense.

Ryan crashes Felicia and Mac Scorpio's wedding with a bomb, but is sent to an asylum. After escaping with the help of his counselor Connie Cooper, he kills her, kidnaps Georgie Jones and dies in a funhouse explosion after a face-to-face with his brother Kevin.

Ryan continued to appear to Kevin and taunt him over the years. It was revealed that as children, Ryan was sexually abused by their mother.


Ryan escapes and switch places with his brother

One night, she abuses Kevin, thinking it was Ryan. When Kevin tells their father, he takes Kevin and leaves Ryan behind. Ryan would eventually kill his mother.

Twenty-three years later, Ryan was revealed to be alive in Port Charles and is being locked up in Ferncliff by his brother, Kevin. It was him who was communicating via morse code to Carly when she was a patient there. On August 28, 2018, Ryan escaped from his restraints and attacked his brother. He took Kevin's clothes and placed his restraints on him. He fooled the Ferncliff staff and made his way to General Hospital where everyone was fooled into believing he was Dr. Kevin Collins. After meeting Franco Baldwin and learning of his history, he has begun to like him as he reminds him a lot of himself.

On Halloween, Ryan murdered Ferncliff nurse Mary Pat Ingles by decapitating her and placed her head into an apple bobbing barrel for Carly to find. The rest of the corpse was placed in Ava's art gallery with a jack o lantern as its head. Ryan (as Kevin) also separated from Laura, the woman the real Kevin is married to. On November 21, 2018 Ryan finds Ava and Nina fighting in Ava's art gallery and breaks it up. He then tells Ava that he has feelings for her and they kiss and Laura walks in and sees them kissing.

On November 26, Ryan murdered Ava's daughter, Kiki Jerome by stabbing her to death in her apartment and then placed her corpse inside the Haunted Star, where it was found by newlyweds Curtis and Jordan Ashford. Ryan also hid the murder weapon in the apartment of Kiki's boyfriend, Dr. Griffin Munro, who is subsequently arrested after the knife is uncovered.

Crimes Committed

  • Killed his abusive mother [prior to 1992; revealed 1995]
  • Killed Linda and Suzzane Smith [prior to 1992]
  • Killed his wife, Gloria Renaldi [1992]
  • Stalked Felicia Scorpio [May 1992-Apr 1995]
  • Killed Michelle Bails [Mar 24, 1993]
  • Killed Jessica Holmes [Sep 3, 1993]
  • Attacked Audrey Hardy after mistaking her for his abusive mother [May 28, 1993]
  • Attacked Steve Hardy and attempted to kill him [May 28, 1993]
  • Kidnapped Maxie Jones [Jun 1993]
  • Kidnapped Felicia and attempted to murder her [1993]
  • Had Felicia committed to an asylum [1993; she later escaped with Mac]
  • Attempted to murder Felicia again [1994]
  • Held Felicia hostage at gunpoint during her wedding to Mac [1994]
  • Bombed the wedding ceremony after fighting with Mac [1994]
  • Killed his counselor Connie Cooper after she helped him escape an asylum [Mar 1995]
  • Kidnapped Georgie Jones [Mar 1995]
  • Fought with his brother, Kevin Collins [Mar 24, 1995]
  • Attacked Kevin after escaping from his restraints and holding him captive at Ferncliff while impersonating him [Aug 28, 2018-present]
  • Murdered Mary Pat Ingles by stabbing her to death and then decapitated her postmortem [Oct 30, 2018; revealed Nov 1, 2018]
  • Murdered Kiki Jerome by stabbing her to death [Nov 26, 2018; revealed Nov 28, 2018]
  • Framing Dr. Griffin Munro for Kiki's murder [Nov 29, 2018-present]
  • Lying to a police official; withheld the information that Ava was about to shoot Griffin [Dec 3, 2018]
  • Lying to police officials again; lied about having spent the night with Ava [Dec 4, 2018]

Health and Vitals

  • Sexually assaulted by his mother as a child [prior to 1992; revealed 1995]
  • Stabbed by Felicia in self-defense [1993]
  • Assaulted by Mac Scorpio in defence of Felicia [1994]
  • Presumed dead after being blown up in a fun house his brother, Kevin Collins [Mar 24, 1995]
  • Held captive in Ferncliff by Kevin [2018; revealed and escaped Aug 28, 2018]
  • Threatened by Mary Pat Ingles [Jul 2018]