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Scorpios in 2006
Maxie, Georgie, Robert, Mac and Robin
General Hospital
Place(s) of Origin Australia
Years in PC 1980-present
Current region Port Charles, New York
(Mac, Maxie, Emma)
Paris, France (Robin)
Portland, Oregon (Georgie Spinelli)
Ethnicity Australian
English (Robin, Emma)
Aztec (Maxie, Georgie, Georgie Spinelli)
Hispanic (Maxie, Georgie, Georgie Spinelli)
Notable members Robert Scorpio, Mac Scorpio, Felicia Jones, Robin Scorpio-Drake, Patrick Drake, Maxie Jones, Georgie Jones, Emma Scorpio-Drake, Georgie Spinelli
Connected families Corinthos, Devane, Drake, Eckert, Falconeri, Jones, Morgan, Quartermaine, Spencer, Webber
Known for Investigative work
The Scorpio House
Maxie, Robin, Mac and Georgie share Thanksgiving dinner at the Scorpio House
Estate Information
Purchased Purchased former Webber family home in 1991.
Destroyed Accidentally burned down on November 4, 2010 by Maxie Jones.
Address 1020 North Yale
Port Charles, New York

The Scorpios are a fictional family on the American soap opera General Hospital.


Australian ex-pat Robert Scorpio arrived to Port Charles in 1980 as undercover WSB agent. After assisting Luke and Laura Spencer with the ice princess saga, Robert took roots in Port Charles and became the Police Commissioner in 1982. One year later he fell in love and married Holly Sutton. In 1985, Robert was taken by surprise when his ex-wife Anna Devane, a fellow WSB agent came to town and revealed they shared a daughter named Robin Scorpio. That same year, Robert stepped down as Police Commissioner, announcing he was leaving town to start a new life with Holly. Anna later stepped in as Police Commissioner when Robert’s replacement was killed and kept the title until Robert returned in 1987, after Holly was presumed dead. He and Anna also fell in love and remarried, much to the delight of Robin. However when Holly was revealed to be alive, Robert and Anna's marriage was considered invalid.

Robert was dismayed when his estranged brother Mac Scorpio, arrived on a freighter in 1991. It was revealed that Robert blamed Mac for the death of their parents as a result of a plane crash because Mac was piloting the plane. Eventually the brothers managed to patch up their relationship and Mac remained in Port Charles. He also opened a club called the Outback which became a popular locale for PC citizens.

Tragedy struck in 1992, when Robert and Anna were presumed dead in a boat explosion orchestrated by Cesar Faison. Robin was then left to be cared by her Uncle Mac, whom he took in as his own. Mac, like his brother also became Police Commissioner of Port Charles for many years starting in 1996. He later married Felicia Jones in 1998 and became a stepfather her daughters Maxie Jones and Georgie Jones. In 1999, Robin departed Port Charles to start a new life in Paris, France, over the years she continued to make frequent visits. Mac and Felicia later divorced in 2001 but remained very close as he continued to be a father towards Felicia’s daughters.

It was 2001 that Anna was revealed to be alive and living in Pine Valley, giving suspicion that Robert survived the accident as well. After a miscarriage she left Pine Valley to be near Robin in Paris and later rejoined the WSB.

Robin returned to Port Charles for good in 2005 and soon became a doctor at General Hospital. Mac also became a single father to Maxie and Georgie when Felicia left town to take care of her ailing mother.

In 2006, Robert was revealed to be indeed alive, when he returned to Port Charles helping the WSB track a deadly virus. Robin, Holly and Anna were particularly angered by Robert’s decision to remain hidden for so many years. In 2007, another tragedy struck the Scorpio family when Georgie was strangled to death by a serial killer, then dubbed the text-message killer. Maxie took the loss of her sister especially hard. Robin later fell for fellow doctor Patrick Drake, and in 2008 they married a month after she gave birth to their daughter, Emma Scorpio-Drake.

In 2012, Robin became a captive of Faison’s when she was presumed dead in an explosion at GH. Following Robin’s apparent death, Anna decided to remain and live in Port Charles once more. When the mayor fired Mac as Commissioner after 16 years, she immediately hired Anna to replace him making this her second term as Police Commissioner. Mac then went on manage The Floating Rib which he now owns. Felicia also returned to Port Charles and rekindled her relationship with Mac, they remarried in 2013. That same year, Maxie gave birth to her daughter, Georgie Spinelli, named in honor of her late sister. A few months later Robert and Anna successfully rescued Robin and returned her home to her family, however she quickly left town again after being blackmailed by Victor Cassadine. Patrick then divorced Robin less than a year later.

Today, Robert once again travels the world working as a spy for the WSB, though he is known to occasionally visit Port Charles. Patrick and Anna continue to raise Robin’s daughter, Emma, while Robin is held captive by Helena Cassadine, unbeknownst to her family.

Scorpio family treeEdit


1. Unknown male Scorpio
   Unknown female
   2. Robert Scorpio
      Anna Devane
      3. Robin Scorpio (1977-present)
         Patrick Drake (1977-present)
         4. Emma Scorpio-Drake (2008-present)
   2. Mac Scorpio (1958-present)
      Felicia Cummings 
      3. Maxie Jones (1986-present) (Mac's step-daughter)
         Damian Spinelli (1978-present)
         4. Georgie Spinelli (2013-present) 
      3. Georgie Jones (1990-2007) (Mac's step-daughter)


Dashed line denotes an adopted child

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