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Silas Clay and Sam Morgan
Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco as
Silas Clay and Sam Morgan
General Hospital
Couple nickname Siam
Marriage/relationship dates 2013 - 14
Status Ex-lovers
Age at wedding or meeting Silas (43)
Sam (33)
Gender Male, Female
Couple residence Harborview Towers
122 Harbor View Drive, PH #2
Port Charles, New York

Dr. Silas Clay and Sam Morgan are fictional characters and a fictional couple on the ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital.

Silas was portrayed by Michael Easton from May 2013 to August 2015.

Sam has been portrayed by Kelly Monaco since 2003.

Sam ended their relationship in July 2014 because of Silas' then wife, Nina.

In 2015, Silas was murdered by Madeline Reeves.



Silas and Sam first met when Sam went to New York to look for Morgan. Silas was working at a hospital there and when Sam first saw him she thought that he was his brother, Stephen who had recently terrorized Sam and people close to her. Silas had a hard time getting her to believe that he actually wasn't Stephen.

When Sam finally believed him she told him about his nephew, Rafe who was then her foster son and how his parents had died. A shocked Silas responded coldly. Sam left the hospital shortly thereafter to continue looking for Morgan. Silas eventually shows put ing Port Charles, to which Sam and Rafe react negatively too. Silas also eventually gets custody of Rafe.

Photo gallery

  • Silas and Sam meet
  • Silas and Sam's first kiss
  • Silas and Sam's first date
  • Silas and Sam make love for the first time
  • Silas, Sam and Nathan
  • Desk sex
  • Post desk sex
  • Sam and Silas on the red carpet
  • Sam and Sam kiss after they say 'I love you'
  • Silas tells Sam that she is the one that he loves
  • Fight on the hospital roof
  • Silas and Sam break up


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