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The Haunted Star
The Haunted Star (2013)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Yacht and nightclub
Nickname(s) The Star
The Haunted Ship
The Lucky Lady
The Titan
Notable people Lulu Spencer-Falconeri
(current owner)
Address 1227 Dock Street, Slip #1
Port Charles, New York

The Haunted Star is a yacht in Port Charles harbor. It has recently been used as a night club.


Early DaysEdit

The Haunted Star is a yacht that was gifted to Luke and Laura Spencer as a wedding present from Helena Cassadine in 1981. Before it was given to Luke and Laura, the ship belonged to the aristocratic Cassadine family and was previously named The Titan. Luke and Laura ran a night club here for a short time and hosted a sports benefit on its Grand Opening Night in 1982 attended by Port Charles finest citizens.

When the Community Sports Center announces their closing due to money issues, Blackie Parrish and Luke Spencer arrange for Eddie Phillips (Sammy Davis Jr.), to star in a charity performance hosted at the Haunted Star. Luke later decided to put the yacht up for sale after Laura "disappeared" on the docks having been kidnapped by the Cassadines. It was sold in 1983, after Luke was presumed dead in a avalanche.

In 2000, Helena kidnaps Lucky Spencer, temporarily holding him onboard the Haunted Star. This leads Luke and Laura down memory lane in an effort to find and rescue their son.

Luke's Re-acquirementEdit

In 2003, Luke re-acquired the rights to the yacht and turned it into a casino. Before it was re-aquired by Luke, the Haunted Star was previously owned by Jasper Jacks who later sold it to Sam McCall who won it at a casino. On its Grand Opening Night the mobster Lorenzo Alcazar had the Haunted Star robbed. The Haunted Star had another grand re-opening in 2006 and again in 2008 where most of the citizens of Port Charles attended. Luke also hired Diego Alcazar to pretend to rob the Star, so he could take the money from his wife and co-owner, Tracy Quartermaine-Spencer. Luke's previous partners in the casino have included Faith Rosco, Skye Chandler-Quartermaine, and the Zacchara family. Luke's son, Ethan Lovett also lived on board the ship and worked as a bartender for a short time.

Lulu's OwnershipEdit

When Luke and Ethan left town in 2011, Luke's daughter Lulu Spencer asked her brother Nikolas Cassadine for money to buy the Star. Nikolas gave her all the money that she needed, and she bought the casino. In 2012, Johnny Zacchara went into business with Lulu with plans to turn the yacht into a nightclub. Johnny also hired Starr Manning to perform and record on the Haunted Star's re-opening night. Since then, the nightclub has been host to numerous Port Charles events including a Halloween bash and a New Years Eve party. Johnny also had the engines of the haunted star repaired. During this time, The Haunted Star was also temporarily bartended by Cesar Faison under the guise of Duke Lavery. In February of 2013, Johnny gave his share of the club to Starr Manning after he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murders of his grandfather and Starr's fiancee and daughter. However, Starr left town just a few months later leaving Lulu as the sole owner.

Haunted-Star goes MissingEdit

In March 2013, the Haunted Star goes missing from the harbor after having been stolen by Helena, she also arranges the kidnapping of Ethan Lovett, holding him hostage onboard the yacht. When Nikolas Cassadine is shot and Lulu Spencer goes missing, Luke and Laura become convinced Helena is the prime suspect and with the WSB's assistants, Luke, Laura and Dante Falconeri, successfully locate and board the yacht by helicopter. After rescuing Ethan and a brief shootout, Helena is "killed once and for all" by Luke. Almost two months later The Star was towed back to Port Charles harbor by the WSB.

In May of 2013 with Lulu's permission, Robert Franco gathers the people that were closest to Jason Morgan, together at the Haunted Star announcing his seeking forgiveness from the citizens of Port Charles.

In October 2014, Franco made the Haunted Star the venue for his Halloween wedding to Carly Jacks. However this was a ploy as Franco never really planned to marry Carly. He then took this opportunity to expose her betrayal to both himself and her son Michael Corinthos.



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