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The Nurses' Ball is founded in 1994 by Lucy Coe as a fundraiser for HIV and AIDS awareness and research. It is held at the Port Charles Hotel (where the Metro Court Hotel stands today), and attended by most everyone in Port Charles. The event includes acts by various citizens, including singing, acting and dancing. Lucy emcees the event, often with Katherine Bell, and has become notorious for usually ending up in her underwear somehow during the show. The Nurses' Ball becomes more personal for many in 1996 when local teenager Robin Scorpio is diagnosed with HIV. After eight consecutive Nurses' Ball, the 2001 one is the last one for awhile due to be because of the lack of funding.

Original Nurses' BallsEdit

Damian Smith suggests the Ball and underwrites it. Lucy Coe co-chairs it with Bobbie Jones It is June 23 and 24, 1994. During the chorus line, a fight between Damian and Tony Jones causes the curtain to be pulled down, revealing Lucy backstage in her underwear. They raise close to $500 thousand for the General Hospital AIDS Pediatric Unit and AIDS Outreach Programs.[1]


Robin and Stone preforming Romeo and Juliet at 1994 Nurses Ball
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The Ball is once again underwritten by Damian Smith. It is co-chaired by Lucy Coe and Katherine Bell. It is aired June 21 and 22, 1995. During the chorus line at the end, Katherine throws Lucy out onto the stage in her underwear.

Luke and Lucky preforming at the 1995 Nurse's Ball
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The Ball in underwritten by Katherine Bell. Katherine and Lucy Coe were co-chairs again. It is aired June 21, 1996. Sonny and Lily Corinthos donate $30 million dollars to establish the Stone Cates Memorial AIDS Wing. Mac Scorpio presents his niece Robin Scorpio with a quilt made in memory of her boyfriend Stone Cates, who died of AIDS. Robin announces she's HIV positive, breaks down, and Jason Morgan carries her off stage. Katherine rigs it so that Lucy ends up swinging by her ankles, causing her dress to go over her head and revealing her underwear, over the stage at the end of the Ball during the chorus line.

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Nurses Ball 1997
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The Ball is underwritten by Jasper Jacks. It is again co-chaired by Katherine Bell and Lucy Coe. It is aired June 20 and 23, 1997. Katherine rigs Lucy's dress so that it will fall off her when she goes on stage during the chorus line at the end.


The Ball is underwritten by Stefan Cassadine, and Lucy Coe chairs it. It is aired June 19 and 22, 1998. Eve Lambert locks Lucy in the rolling wardrobe closet during the chorus line at the end of the night. Lucy wheels herself out onto stage and bursts through the closet door in her underwear.


Big Spender, Nurses Ball 1998
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The Ball is underwritten by Amanda Barrington. Lucy Coe and Katherine Bell are again the co-chairs. It is aired on June 18 and 21, 1999. Katherine and Eve Lambert see to it that Lucy is pulled out on stage by the chorus line at the end while she's in her underwear and changing backstage.


This Nurses' Ball is underwritten by Stefan Cassadine and chaired by Lucy Coe.  It is aired June 20-22, 2000. Nikolas Cassadine gives a speech on Stefan's behalf. Dr. Chris Ramsey donates $250,000 to the General Hospital AIDS Research fund. There is no chorus line, and Lucy does not end up in her underwear.


This year the Nurses Ball was funded by Amanda Barrington. Stefan Cassadine announced that the Cassadines would double all contributions made that evening. Lucy Coe announced that the show had to go on despite a Manhattan train colliding with a bus.  Also, Helena Cassadine and Stavros were arguing about when to unleash their next act of terrorism.

Nurses ball 2001
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Nurses' Ball ReturnsEdit

The 2013 Nurses' Ball aired April 5-9, 2013 in honor of the 50th Anniversary of General Hospital. Sabrina Santiago takes the initiative to revive the Nurses' Ball, which has been absent for twelve years.  Sabrina is able to get enough support, and the committee consists of Dr. Steve Webber (until he is arrested for murder and extradited to Memphis), Nurse Elizabeth Webber, Dr. Patrick Drake, Dr. Britt Westbourne (albeit stating negatively that there are several obstacles and setting roadblocks) and Sabrina. Nurse Felix DuBois also joins in to help with planning the Ball.  After some help from Lucy Coe, Tracy Quartermaine agrees to underwrite the Nurses' Ball.  When ELQ faces some financial troubles, however, the Nurses' Ball is sidelined due to Tracy not being able to fund the ball after all. Lucy then presents a check to the committee from an "anonymous donor," and they start planning the acts. Carly Jacks allows the Nurses' Ball to be held at the Metro Court hotel free of charge. On October 1, 2013, Jerry Jacks tells Robin that he had anonymously underwritten the Ball.

Numerous popular characters from the past return for the 50th Aniversary, including Dr. Noah Drake, Nurse Bobbie Spencer, Brenda Barett who all return shortly before the Nurses' Ball. Other characters from the past arrive during the weeks leading up to the Ball, but who are not included in the event, are Jasper "Jax" JacksDr. Kevin Collins, Dr. Lisa Obrecht, Nurse Audrey Hardy, Nikolas Cassadine, Scott Baldwin, Laura Spencer, Ethan Lovett and Helena Cassadine. Dr. Alan Quartermaine, Dr. Emily Bowen-Quartermaine and Dr. Rick Webber also appeared as ghosts in the Quartermaine Mansion on April 1st.

Lucy calls in Richard Simmons to choreograph the opening number, but after a spat over the music, Richard quits and a handy-man named Anton Ivanov played by Maks Chmerkovskiy steps in to choreograph it with music and lyrics from TJ Ashford and Molly Lansing-Davis.  Lucy Coe argues and later gets puts into a closet by Richard Simmons.  With Lucy's brief absence, Elizabeth Webber, steps in as a backup hostess to introduce the first two acts of April 8th (Duke Lavery's tango and Milo and his men's dance number).  Lucy Coe is pushed on stage with her underwear by Richard Simmons. Richard Simmons is later taken out of the ballroom by Milo's men. It has been announced that Lucy Coe had 13 gown changes throughout the event.


Shown on April 5, 2013

Shown on April 8, 2013

Shown on April 9, 2013

Other events/Notes


  • Monica and Tracy Quartermaine
  • Monica and Tracy Quartermaine
  • Carly Jacks and Sonny Corinthos
  • Sonny Corinthos
  • Michael Corinthos with Olivia Falconeri and Bobbie Spencer
  • Molly Lansing-Davis and TJ Ashford
  • Molly Lansing-Davis, TJ Ashford, Sam Morgan, Alexis Davis, and Shawn Butler
  • Maxie Jones and Felicia Jones
  • Mac Scorpio and Felicia
  • Mac Scorpio with Mr. Marbles with Frisco and Felicia Jones
  • Maxie, Frisco, and Felicia Jones
  • Emma Scorpio-Drake
  • Ellie Trout and Damian Spinelli
  • Alexis Davis with two of her daughters Sam Morgan and Molly Lansing-Davis
  • Alexis Davis and Shawn Butler
  • Brenda Barrett
  • AJ Quartermaine and Elizabeth Webber
  • Lucy Coe with a picture of Amy Vining
  • Lucy Coe with a picture of Jessie Brewer
  • Ellie Trout during her performance
  • Damian Spinelli during his performance
  • Ellie Trout and Damian Spinelli
  • The Nurses perform the opening number
  • The Nurses' Opening Number closeup
  • Lucy Coe
  • Lucy Coe
  • Lucy Coe
  • Mac Scorpio with Mr. Marbles
  • Frisco Jones
  • Sam Morgan with Anton Ivanov (Maks)
  • Elizabeth Webber stepping in as a temporary mc
  • Richard Simmons arguing with Lucy Coe
  • Duke Lavery and Anna Devane
  • Duke Lavery and Anna Devane
  • Max G., Michael Corinthos, Anton Ivanov, Damian Spinelli, Felix Dubois, and Milo
  • Milo with Max and Damian
  • Max, Damian Spinelli, Anton Ivanov, Milo, Felix Dubois, and Michael Corinthos
  • Lucy Coe and Richard Simmons
  • Richard Simmons "trying to harm" Lucy Coe
  • Milo and his "Crew" escorting Richard Simmons out of the ballroom
  • Rick Springfield
  • Rick Springfield
  • Rick Springfield
  • Emma Scorpio-Drake and Sabrina Santiago
  • Emma Scorpio-Drake and Sabrina Santiago
  • Sabrina Santiago and Emma Scorpio-Drake
  • Emma Scorpio-Drake and Sabrina Santiago
  • Patrick Drake during his tribute
  • Patrick Drake and Emma Scorpio-Drake
  • Britt makes an announcement
  • Olivia the fortune teller
  • Molly Lansing-Davis sings with the help of real-life band Traction
  • Molly Lansing-Davis and TJ Ashford performing
  • Molly Lansing-Davis and Kate Grahn performing
  • Sabrina sings to Emma
  • Patrick Drake and Sabrina Santiago
  • Emma Scorpio-Drake, Patrick Drake, and Sabrina Santiago
  • Patrick Drake, Emma Scorpio-Drake, Sabrina Santiago
  • Epiphany Johnson
  • Tracy Quartermaine, Epiphany Johnson, and Monica Quartermaine
  • Tracy Quartermaine, Epiphany Johnson, and Monica Quartermaine
  • Tracy, Monica, and Epiphany again
  • Maxie Jones and Elizabeth Webber walks in with AJ Quartermaine in the background
  • Ellie overhears Maxie and Frisco talking

It has been reported that there will be 2014 Nurses Ball

Announced Acts

  • Unknown



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