• I guarantee you Sabrina & Britt are related somehow...Thought that from the very beginning!

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    • I agree, and I think that maybe Britt knows that they're related, but Sabrina definitely doesn't.

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    • Ok we have Britt that is supposedly connected to Dr. Lisa Obrecht and Cesar Faison.  They could be just the people that raised her.  Sabrina is the adoptive cousin of Juan Santiago.  It could be interesting then how they explain it.  This could also a way to have Howarth play a role.  Easton could be the father of Sabrina and Howarth could play a Cassadine that his off-screen ex-wife could have given up or Obrecht/Faison took Britt away after the wife tried to run away.  Britt's and Sabrina's biological mothers could be sisters and Easton/Howarth got them pregnant 20-some years ago.

      I can't wait for them to release info on Easton/Alderson/Howarth.  I hope Easton or Howarth is the head Cassadine that orchrastrated Nikolas' shooting and possible person that has control over Lulu.  I am curious if they will make Alderson as Serena or Lauren.  I am really looking forward to them finally revealing if Lauren Frank is the missing ELQ heir or another ELQ heir (if ex-Starr plays Lauren. then Howarth/Easton could play late 50s Jimmy's newly created unknown son), if Serena is coming, if there will be a new Cassadine, etc.

      I just hope they are not just going give them completely new characters and have them try to establish some footing in the GH community.

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    • More likely Sabrina is related to the character Ricky Martin played than Dr. Westbourne.

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    • I don't know.I can't stand Sabrina!Ever since she had that makeover and is dating/engaged to Patrick Drake,she's got a major chip on her shoulder.I can't wait for Patrick to know Robin is alive,so GH can kick Sabrina's skinny a** to the curb!

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