• I sorry feel do not think anyone that young can live with ehat he has

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    • Yes, as a young baby/toddler battling leukemia seems very hard.  However, depending on what type of leukemia and how much the cancer has progressed can help the little guy.  I wouldn't think they would kill off Danny because I would think they could just find a babysitter or have some random great aunt watch him and just mention him once in a while if they don't want to have him seen.

      This leukemia thing is just another storyline so they progress characters and give Silas Clay and Sam Morgan some more air time.

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    • The storyline is probably also to either redeem Franco by having him be Danny's donor, or to usher in another relative (like Sam's dad).

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    • Yes Ylnani good possiblilties. I am thinking this storyline will help in many fashions. Help give more air time for characters, usher in another character, and maybe reveal that Franco isn't AJ/Jason brother.

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