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Sabrina and Carlos

  • So carlos stoyline so far is he shows up in P.c. saying he is an old friend of Sabrina and gets a job with Sonny and that she'd rather he left.

    Do you hope Carlos is Sabrina's ex, cousin or brother. She has metioned she grew up with her cousins and was in a long term relationship with someone. I'm kind of hoping he is her ex but I can't see her getting involved with someone in the mob. What do you think?

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    • Definitely hope that Carlos and Sabrina get together! I like the good girl/bad boy pairing. I am pretty sure Patrick is going to go back to Robin. We have seen that Carlos, however mobbed up he is, still holds a candle for Sabrina. Not knowing if Carlos is a cousin of Lily's or who Sabrina really will turn out to be (her mother "died" years ago?) is also something that I think will be interesting. I would like to see where the "Carbrina" couple goes.

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    • I want Sabrina to move on from Patrick and be with Carlos. Carlos and Sabrina are a way better pairing.

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