• If Luke is leaving gh Then Gh should introuced and new evil family that Spencer's can feud with. This family is very similar to the Cassadine family but they are in Australia family more evil and dangerous they then the Cassadine's. Luke goes to Australia and he goes find's something and steel's it. so the head of the family Alexnder tell's his men to go find the item. The men told him where Luke was. Alexnder goes and find's Luke and begin to fight Luke shoots Alexnder and Luke leaves Australia to return to Port Charles Alexnder survied the gun shot. His wife Grace tells him to get revenge on Luke and his family. Then Alexnder and Grace plan to attack Port Charles by putting a deadly virus in Port Charles. Alexnder plan worked and went to Port Charles Luke found out the Alexnder was behind it. Alexnder and Luke gets into fight but this time Alexnder gets a knife and stabs Luke. Luke falls and Alexnder leaves Lulu And Dante found Luke take's him to the Hosptial where Luke dies. Then Grace and Alexnder goes to the funeral and feud begins when Lucky or Ethan come back to Port Charles.

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