• My wish for 2014 gh storylines is that Since Ron and Frank like the Old gh they bring back action adventure stroylines like the Ice Princess and the Aztec storylines. I hope that they do storylines outside of Port Charles. Also want to see some new supercouple pairings. I hope we get new villains come to Port Charles. I want to see storyline where a new villain threats Port Charles. I hope there are some new Cassadines coming to town. I also want see some good Murder mystery storylines that invloved many character killing one person. Even thorugh I hate what Ron and Frank are during to babies storyline i hope that we can have normal baby stroyline where we know who are the real parents. I hope we get to see the Quartermaines back in main storylines I hope that they will do a prison break out where Johnny get's out. I hope like what gh did like 10 years go where all the characters are involved in one main storyline and some of the characters get killed off becuase there's way too many people on the show.  I hope something big happens on gh in 2014. I know some of 2013 storylines will carry into 2014 but I hope that gh gets good ratingsin 2014 again like back in the 80s and 90s gh had some good ratings and storylines where good this year.

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    • You mispelled involved.

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    • Three male and three female acters are going to leave the show. I so hope those who play Nina, Ava and Kiki will Be gone shortly, they bring nothing to the show and they make Silas boring.If Silas cannot stay faithful to our precious Sam, then he needs to leave and take Franko and boring, ugly thug nuJason with him. i MISSS THE oltl 3. wE NEED sTARR, jOHN AND tODD BACK. Sam should reunite with her true love McBain, who looked like Silas, but better than him, and Sam needs to get revenge on Todd for switching her live baby with a dead one.

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    • Get rid of Michelle Stafford.

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