• I'm sorry, but, Alexis and Julian look to young to be Sam's bio parrents. Her real mom and dad should had been played by older peaple like Erica Slezak and David Canary. No offense to William deVoy but the idea of an acter who's just 8 years older than Kemo, playing her dad, is stupid and a diservice to Kemo, who, in real life, is pushing 40.

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    • So what? First of all, they were sixteen when they had her. Second of all, people have older people playing younger characters all the time.

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    • Well the actor who plays Julian is in his 40's the character is suppose to be in his mid 50's but they said on the show he looks younger do to his plastic surgery. They also were young Alexis was 16 and Julian was either a freshman or sophomore in college.

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    • If  you want to get all freaked out about ages and how people do not look old enough to be so and so's parents? I present to you Olivia Falconeri and her son Dante. The actress who plays Olivia is a mere NINE YEARS older than the actor who plays her son. Boom.

      BTW, I am 48 and there is no way in hell  Julian Jerome is older than i am. I don't even have one wrinkle yet.  And I have no idea what the heck a "kemo" is supposed to be. If you can't suspend reality, you had better not watch Soaps! You will just be mad and argumentative all the time. Just pretend.

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    • KEMO is short for Kelly Monaco.

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    • A FANDOM user
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