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Victor Cassadine
Thaao Penghlis as Victor Cassadine
General Hospital
Portrayed by Thaao Penghlis
Current status Recurring
Duration 1981, 2014-present
First appearance 1981
Created by Gloria Monty
Pat Falken Smith
Margaret DePriest
Introduced by Gloria Monty (1981)
Frank Valentini (2014)
Gender Male
  • Director of the WSB
  • Director of Crichton-Clark[1]
  • Title Russian royalty
    Director Cassadine
    (professional title)
    Dr. Cassadine
    (professional title)

    Victor Cassadine is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He is most notably known for being the brother of Mikkos Cassadine, uncle to Stavros Cassadine and Alexis Davis. He was sent to prison by Robert Scorpio and Luke Spencer and later presumed dead. He was portrayed by Thaao Penghlis in 1981. It was announced on December 9, 2013 that Penghlis would be returning to GH on Jan 30. He was only on the show for a couple of months, he left on March 4, 2014. He returned again on May 1, 2014 for only one episode, and then returned on August 7, 2014.


    Victor came to town in 1981 along with brothers Mikkos and Tony, and was a part of their plan to steal the Ice Princess diamond and use it to power a weather machine that would allow them to control the world. Victor had a brief romantic relationship with actress Tiffany Hill. After their plot is foiled by Luke Spencer, Victor is sent to prison and later presumed dead.

    In 2014, Victor showed up at Robin Scorpio-Drake's doorstep at the end of January and reveals to Robin that he is the new director of the WSB and was responsible for Liesl Obrecht's Chief of Staff position at General Hospital. He goes on to tell Robin that he would like her to bring back to life, his sister-in-law, Helena Cassadine and nephew Stavros Cassadine, whose bodies were being preserved in the Cassadines cryogenic lab. Robin refuses to help him, so to give her some incentive, Victor tells her that her friend, Jason Morgan, is still alive, but also in cryogenic stasis and if she helps Helena and Stavros, she can help Jason too.

    Victor then goes to Wyndemere to catch up with his great-nephew, Nikolas Cassadine. At Wyndemere he meets Nikolas' girlfriend, Britt Westbourne, and it's revealed that Victor has a past with Britt's mother, Liesl. He also meets Nikolas's son, Spencer, and gives him a Cassadine family heir loom. Victor ran into Heather Webber, who was passing herself off as one of Nikolas's servants.

    The next day, Victor met Robin when she was alone and showed her proof that Jason was alive. Spencer saw him at Robin's and confronted him about it. Victor managed to convince Spencer to keep quiet about what he saw, and then went to the park with Nikolas, Britt, "her" son Ben, and Spencer. While reading the paper, Victor recognized Heather and went to talk to Nikolas when he ran into Robin, and she told him that she would help him, so she could help Jason.

    On Valentine's day, Victor showed up at Liesl's place and she managed to convinced him to get information for her on Cesar Faison's whereabouts. Victor showed up at the hospital with the WSB's file on Faison. He asked Liesl to come with him, but she refused not wanting to leave her job and daughter. Victor was disappointed, but gave her the file anyway and she gave him a kiss good-bye.

    Victor and Robin traveled to an unknown clinic in New York City. Robin demanded to see Jason, so Victor opened a room and allowed Robin to see the person who was frozen in cryogenic suspension. He returned on May 1, 2014, with message for Patrick from Robin. The next day he talked to Liesl and returned the embryo to Dante and Lulu.

    On August 7, it was revealed that Victor was the one who put Rafe Kovich, Jr. up to running Patrick's car off the road, which resulted in the death of Patrick and Sabrina Santiago's son.

    On August 11, Robin told Victor that she had a breakthrough. She wanted to test the medicine on Stavros and Helena, but Victor had her restrained and on August 12, he injected the medicine into Jason. At first it appeared Jason would die, but Robin managed to revive him. Victor then told Robin he didn't need her anymore and planned to "tap into Jason's potential". He then had his goons take Robin away while he stayed with Jason.

    Crimes CommittedEdit

    • Conspired with his brothers Mikkos and Anthony to steal the Ice Princess diamond in a plot to control the weather and take over the world [1981]
    • Ordered his associates to hold Robin Scorpio Drake at gunpoint [Jan 2014]
    • Threatened to kill Mac Scorpio if Robin told him anything about their plans [Feb 2014]
    • Put Rafe Kovich, Jr. up to running Patrick Drake and his family off the road by telling him that his mother could still be alive [Apr 2014; revealed Aug 7, 2014]
    • Indirectly responsible for the death of Gabriel Santiago [revealed Aug 7, 2014]
    • Threatened to kill Patrick and Emma Drake if Robin didn't cooperate [Aug 7, 2014]

    Family treeEdit



    1. Clinic in Scarsdale, NY

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